C8 Technologies raised $7 million in growth funding

The London-based Fintech company, C8 Technologies Ltd, founded by Mattias Eriksson and Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally announces today that it has raised $7 million in a Series A round.

Leading the round is Ventura Capital, also participating are Alphemy Capital, Bredum, North-East Group and Pinorena Capital.

Mattias Eriksson, CEO of C8 Technologies, comments:
“We are pleased to receive support from such highly respected investors. Their support makes it possible to launch our platform in new markets so that more managers and asset owners can access our cost-effective tools “.

Mo El Husseiny, Managing Partner at Ventura Capital, adds:
“We are proud to work with the C8 team, which has proven its expertise in the financial industry for decades. C8’s independent fintech platform offers cutting-edge opportunities to investors and managers focused on having full ownership and control over their investments, especially with on ESG requirements.

About C8 and its founders:

Mattias Eriksson has worked in London at HSBC, Deutsche Bank and BlueCrest, partnering twice before with Ebrahim Kasenally, at HSBC and BlueCrest. At BlueCrest, he was responsible for global systematic trading implementation, a business that grew from launch to $15 billion dollars in six years, delivering an
average of 18% per annum.

He pondered why asset owners needed to allocate capital to third party managers? Whether one could offer a solution where capital owners shaped, managed and realised their exposure to any asset class via a technology platform? And, would there be a market for such investment tools and services?

C8 Technologies offers a unique global solution for so-called Direct indexing, allowing institutional investors and asset owners to control returns and costs without using pooled products such as mutual funds and ETFs.

Today, index suppliers on the C8 platform include S&P Dow Jones Indices, IHS Markit, CICC, Solactive, Morningstar, UB Bankers, Ned Davis Research and SEB.

C8 was founded in 2017 with offices in London, Shanghai and New York.

The C8 Team

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