Press Release:  SZKingdom Announce a Collaboration with C8 Technologies in China    24 April 2020

Recently, SZKingdom and UK financial technology leader C8 Technologies (hereinafter referred to as ‘C8 Liang Sheng’ their Chinese company name) have agreed a deep collaboration. The two parties will invest in innovative wealth management, DII (direct index investment) and intelligent investment advisory. Our deep collaboration will use financial technology 3.0 to create a new flagship wealth management business.

As a listed company that is deeply involved in the informatization of China’s financial industry, SZKingdom shares a strong local advantage, which can be perfectly combined with C8 Liang Sheng’s world-leading technology, asset allocation capabilities and investment research capabilities to achieve more specialization, globalization, customization for ‘one-stop wealth management’.

C8 Liang Sheng’s Global CEO Mattias Eriksson said that the use of fintech has a huge development potential in the field of intelligent investment advisory and wealth management. C8 Liang Sheng has been deployed in the Chinese market for 3 years in this field, and the company has a perfect proprietary technology framework with leading algorithms.

Mattias believes that the core of smart investment advisors is to have both low cost and the ability to earn ‘Alpha’, both of which are indispensable. C8 Liang Sheng has more than 20 years of experience and advantages in the financial and technology fields, and can integrate the two. The DII (direct index investment) model brought by technology empowerment will redefine the previous business models of active and passive investment. Investors can copy the strategies and returns of hedge funds and index funds in the form of the direct trading of underlying assets, earning Alpha at the same time as reducing investment costs, increasing transparency and customization, and achieving global asset allocation in one stop.

With the rise of the DII model overseas, SZKingdom and C8 Liang Sheng joined hands to introduce this advanced investment model to China, to create a new flagship of more transparent, safe and efficient wealth management, and to better serve Chinese customers such as trusts, banks, insurance companies, listed companies, and asset management, etc.

Next, the two sides will explore the innovation and upgrade of business models from the four dimensions of ‘strategy, data, business development, and global configuration’, strengthen users’ multi-layered brand recognition, improve user experience and wealth management efficiency, and reach a large number of users. The goal is to enhancing user stickiness, to achieve mutual benefits and win-win.

SZKingdom will use its local advantages, relying on its long-term, in-depth participation in domestic business and a large amount of accumulated experience, to quickly form new, efficient and reliable solutions for customers. C8 Liang Sheng will also use its mature technology and experience to build a transparent, safe, and efficient two-way bridge for Chinese investors to ‘match out’ investment returns from overseas asset markets.

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, C8 Technologies (C8 Liang Sheng in China) is a fintech leader in providing global asset management tools. The company focuses on quantitative index development for the global secondary market, with user-driven intelligent solutions for asset allocation and provides DII (direct index investment) for global institutional clients.


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