Alpha Vee Investment Solutions Launch Direct Indexes on C8 Technologies Platform

Published: November 24, 2020

Alpha Vee C8 Press Release 24-11-20 Final

Alpha Vee Investment Solutions Launch Direct Indexes on C8 Technologies Platform

 Boston, MA (November 24, 2020) – Alpha Vee Investment Solutions Indexes have launched seven direct index strategies on the C8 Technologies platform. C8 provides direct access to tradeable active and passive indexes developed by leading investment professionals and in-house teams, globally.

The C8 platform allows asset owners – such as pension funds, family offices, asset managers, and endowments – to take advantage of the flexibility of direct indexing to support their investment process or regulatory requirements. Asset owners keep full control of their capital and own the underlying assets, providing full transparency and less counterpart and liquidity risks.

Of the 7 direct indexes, the leading (YTD 37.2%) and UMA/SMA popular CBOE: AVT5EQTB – Alpha Vee Risk Managed Top 5 Sector Equities and Treasury Index is offered.  This index systematically evaluates overall market, sector and selection risks. The index manages market risks by dynamically allocating to a US treasury and weights that position from 0% and 100% of the index based on a determination of the US equity market economic regime.  Sector risk is managed by identifying the top 5 sectors most likely to accelerate during the period. Selection risk is managed by selecting equity positions based on combined scores of value and quality factor families.  The number of positions in each sector is based on the sector’s weight and are weighted equally within the sector. For more information on this or the other 6 indexes contact Alpha Vee at:

“Alpha Vee continues its expansion and distribution through C8, a global direct indexing platform, based on solid performance and partnerships in the industry.  The unique tools each firm has developed is an exciting step forward with C8 Technologies,” said Leigh Eichel, CEO of Alpha Vee Investment Solutions.

Mattias Eriksson, CEO of C8 said, “We are delighted that the Alpha Vee Indexes will now be available on the C8 platform. The C8 platform enables an asset owner or manager to easily trade the underlying assets of an index and, by so doing, keep full control of their capital. Alpha Vee have built a reputation for developing innovative and strong performing Tradable Indices, making Alpha Vee a valuable addition to our Index ecosystem”.

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