NordSip – C8 Introduction – The New Tool Around the Block

Published: February 1, 2019

NordSIP (Stockholm) – Last week, NordSIP met with C8 Technologies, an inspiring new company, who in their own words “are breaking new ground by turning things around”. Mattias Eriksson, Founder and CEO of C8 Technologies talked about his innovative investment management tool, how ESG lies at its core, and the interest his project has encountered around the world, particularly in the Nordics.

Imagine a product that creates a whole new infrastructure for managing institutional capital. C8 offers an innovative way to manage investments by providing direct access to active, tradable indices developed in-house by C8 or by leading investment managers. Rather than allocating to external funds, investors can run the equivalent strategy internally. Based on a chosen index the C8 Technologies system presents portfolios to the user, who initiates the trades. “For example, instead of giving a mandate to an external manager and receiving a report once a month based on a snapshot of the portfolio from the last day of the month, the asset owner would have total transparency and be in control of all decisions”, Eriksson explains. Institutions of different sorts or from different parts of the world can buy or sell from each other without mediators. “We make it possible for small institutions to have access to capital and for large institutions to have access to small funds”, Eriksson says.


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