C8 Announces new Credit Suisse Active World ESG Certificate 03 08 2022

Credit Suisse issues a C8-based Actively Managed Certificate,  ‘Credit Suisse Active World ESG Certificate’

London, 03 August 2022 – C8, the pioneering fintech platform that offers investors the ability to use direct indexing across all liquid asset classes and investment styles, today announces that Credit Suisse has issued an Actively Managed Certificate, the ‘Credit Suisse Active World ESG Certificate’. This certificate combines the equity names in the Morningstar Developed Markets Sustainability 200 Index, with weights from C8’s proprietary equity factor overlay.

The stock universe comprises the 200 large-cap global companies with the highest ESG ratings, as researched by Morningstar Sustainalytics, a leading ESG research firm. Overlaid on this starting universe is C8’s proprietary factor-weighting methodology, which actively weights the stocks by 13 classic equity factors such as value, growth and quality. Over comparable periods, this ESG index performs as well as traditional non-ESG, market-cap weighted global equity indices.

Mattias Eriksson, Co-founder and CEO, C8 Technologies said: “We are delighted to contribute to the Credit Suisse Active World ESG Certificate. This certificate seeks to meet investor demand for high-quality ESG solutions, with the added benefit of equity factor-weighting. Equity factors target specific drivers of equity returns and, in this case, provides diversification relative to traditional market-cap weighted indices.”

Notes to Editors

The ISIN number of the ‘Credit Suisse Active World ESG Certificate’ is XS2455533666

Contact information

Fenella Cuthbert

+44 (0)7929 660707


 About C8 Technologies

Founded in 2017, C8 Technologies is a pioneering, independent, fintech platform that enables investor clients to customise their investments via direct indexing techniques, whilst keeping control of their capital. With access to over twenty years of expertise in index research and trading execution, C8’s clients move beyond traditional pooled products to design and implement their exact preferences in one end-to-end process.

For more information, please visit: https://c8-technologies.com/en/

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