C8 Weekly Bulletin:  Trendrating on US Bank Stocks

14 March 2023

C8 Technologies are delighted to announce that Trendrating will be adding 7 US and European equity indices to C8 Studio. They have been working with investors over the past 10 years to enhance equity portfolios, using a proprietary methodology which focuses on determining the ongoing trend in individual equities. Trendrating have just produced a timely report on US bank stocks which they have kindly allowed C8 to share. This illustrates that, whilst the Silicon Valley Bank failure had idiosyncratic issues, investors perceive a much wider problem with smaller US banks.

Please click the link directly below to view the whole piece:


There was a lot of focus on the dramatic fall of Silicon Valley Bank last week.

But take a look at over 30 other US Bank stocks which have been downgraded and fallen in price over the past 6 months or so (see a selection below).


Trendrating (trendrating.com) gives a Rating Grade accompanied by other proprietary analytics which determine the duration, strength, and consistency of each company’s price trend.

The Rating Grade is derived from a self-adjusting algorithm that contains 8 technical indicators which were decided on after testing over 350 indicators across
15,000 stocks across 30 years of history. The model is updated at the end of each day with each security’s price, volume, and volatility. The model is designed for medium to long term investing, not trading.

Trendrating detect major shifts in money flow in either direction:
A = Confirmed Bull Trend
B = Emerging Bull Trend
C = Emerging Bear Trend
D = Confirmed Bear Trend

The top quartiles of A/B always outperform the top quartiles of C/D over our 10-year company existence.

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