We are delighted to announce that C8 Technologies is launching a systematic FX hedging platform which helps businesses easily and effectively manage their currency exposures.

C8 Hedge offers corporate treasurers and investment professionals precise guidance for actively and optimally managing their foreign exchange exposures across multiple currencies, using intuitive and simple to use online tools.

Employing machine learning and statistical models to help predict future FX movements, the platform helps users quickly craft customized hedging solutions that align precisely with their needs.

By making the risk management process so much simpler, C8 Hedge frees users to get on with their day jobs while offering them proactive strategies to optimise outcomes.

Find out more here https://c8hedge.com

C8 Technologies is rolling out an FX hedging platform, which employs machine learning and statistical models, designed to assist firms with managing their currency exposures. 

C8 Hedge offers corporate treasurers and investment professionals “precise guidance” for developing customised hedging solutions and managing their foreign exchange exposures across multiple currencies.

C8 CEO Mattias Eriksson said: “Applying our systematic trading models to FX hedging through an intuitive platform that anyone can use allows corporates and funds to avoid the complexities they would otherwise face when they buy an asset or sell products overseas.”

“FX presents intricate risks that require a tailored approach, which is why we have designed the platform to allow users to easily craft customised FX hedging solutions that meet their exact requirements every time they need to handle foreign currency exposure.”

The platform can: calculate optimal FX hedge ratios for all currency exposures, both assets and liabilities; add risk weights for each currency exposure; calculate optimal FX ratios for each currency within a portfolio risk limit; use existing FX execution implementation; keep full control of all FX hedging with the user.

The C8 hedging platform is managed by Jonathan Webb, formerly head of FX strategy at Jefferies, and previously a portfolio manager and proprietary trader at a number of major banks. Webb said C8 makes managing FX exposure much simpler by automating the risk management process, offering users strategies to optimise outcomes while freeing them to concentrate on their fundamental business activities.

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