iClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers Index_March_28_2021iClima Earth is a London based green FinTech with a laser focus: the companies that can decarbonise the planet. In its debut index, the firm redefines climate change investments, shifting the narrative and shedding light on the companies whose products and services can enable CO2e avoidance. Moreover, the firm also innovates as it brings to market a tangible metric to assess relevance of a solution and its impact: Gigatons of CO2e potential avoided emissions per year.

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C8 Weekly Bulletin: AI Investing with Brain

The C8 Weekly Bulletin returns after an Easter break with the announcement that Brain, an AI-driven research provider, has now joined the C8 platform. Brain has developed NODES; an integrated Artificial Intelligence Engine that combines Artificial Intelligence algorithms with proprietary Natural Language Processing techniques to process a large volume of external information. Read more →

Day Hagan/NDR Smart Sector® with Catastrophic Stop Strategy August 2023 Update

Day Hagan/Ned Davis Research Smart Sector® with Catastrophic Stop strategy, model and allocations update. Read more →

C8 Weekly Bulletin: Europe performs well in ‘long only’ recovery

The new calendar year has begun with an explosive extension of the 'long only' asset rally which has been underway since last October’s Fed signal of smaller rate hikes. The positive case for European asset markets specifically been reinforced by a new slide in regional natural prices – to levels last seen ahead of the Ukraine invasion. In this Weekly Bulletin, we take a look at how investors can build European asset market exposure on the C8 platform. Read more →
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