Feb. 12, 2021, 07:04 PM

VENICE, Fla.Feb. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ned Davis Research (NDR) today announces its partnership with C8 Technologies, the first global marketplace for asset owners, funds, banks and index providers. NDR’s comprehensive, historical data with C8’s top-tier user experience platform disrupts the status quo of direct indexing by increasing access among investors to active, tradeable indices.

“Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen growing demand among our clients globally to access our highly renowned models for direct investment,” said Brian Sanborn, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions at Ned Davis Research. “This new partnership with C8 simplifies the implementation of NDR’s insights, while giving investors the flexibility to tailor a solution specific to their portfolio’s mandate.”

Using the C8 platform, investors can directly trade assets based on NDR’s models gaining access to institutional-grade investment strategies at a lower cost. The client executes the trades through their existing broker or bank, as opposed to committing to a fund or structure and pass over custody of the capital. The strategy therefore offers investors greater transparency into their positions and an ability to customize their portfolio, crucial for ESG investing, without the costs associated with sub-allocating capital to external managers. There are significant tax-loss harvesting benefits, as well.

Investors will gain access to NDR’s proprietary models and research, including the NDR Dynamic Allocation Strategy, the Day Hagan/NDR Smart SectorTM with Catastrophic Stop Strategy, and the NDR Global Allocation Strategy.

Mattias Eriksson, CEO of C8 Technologies, adds: “The simplification of direct indexing means that it is easier to act on NDR’s research to stay ahead of the market. C8 streamlines regulatory concerns and ultimately democratizes advanced investment techniques, bringing them to a wider audience of investors.”


About Ned Davis Research (NDR)
See the Signals. Avoid Mistakes.™

NDR uses the weight of the evidence and a 360-degree approach to build up to market insights. When we say “evidence,” we mean processing millions of data series to fuel a historical perspective, building proprietary indicators and models, and calming investors in a world full of bull/bear news hype and hysteria. We believe that no client is too big or too small to benefit from NDR’s insights. In 1980, Ned Davis founded a new investment research group based on his fundamental belief that making money is more important than being right. Today, we are widely recognized for concise commentary and objective views. NDR is headquartered in Nokomis, Florida, with offices in New YorkMontrealLondonHong Kong, and Sydney.

Media Contact:Becky Nye, Director, Montieth & Company,

C8 Technologies is a provider of strategic decision support tools and services for the global investment community. We create industry-leading, research-enhanced solutions that clients use to gain insight and improved-transparency across their investment process. Utilizing over 20 years of expertise in index-research and trade-execution, C8 powers better investment decisions through Direct Investing, which enables clients to maintain full control of their own capital by trading the underlying assets. C8 was formed in 2017 and has offices in LondonShanghai, and New York.

Media Contact: Ivo Forde, Director, Fin International,


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