This week we look at the recent Fed meeting and how the nCoV fears are infecting the markets. SAM Weekly Feb 03 2020

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NDR Fixed Income Allocation Strategy November 2023 Update

The NDR Fixed Income Allocation Strategy, Positioning Update Read more →

Thoughts From The Divide: The Little Things

Following the warnings from Walmart’s earnings last week, Target announced earnings this week and saw its stock walloped. As the CEO noted, “The ‘biggest challenges’ Target is hearing from its shoppers are ‘inflation in food and household essentials’”, further adding that “inflation is putting a ‘strain on the consumer wallet.’” Read more →

C8 Weekly Bulletin:  Backing Value over Defensive – NDR’s Smart Sector

January’s 6.2% advance in the US S&P500 index was far from uniform with sector performances stretching from a 15% gain in consumer discretionary to a 2% retreat in utilities. Given the importance of sectoral positioning  - alongside overall market-directional bets - this week we give the opportunity to our index provider, Ned David Research, to outline the big calls from its 'Dan Hagen/ NDR Smart Sector with Catastrophic Stop' strategy. Read more →
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