C8 are delighted that Arabesque has joined the C8 ecosystem. Arabesque have a well-respected ESG ratings business, S-Ray, as well as an innovative AI-driven investment allocation platform, combining both to be the world’s first AI ESG fund manager.  We then illustrate how C8 Studio can be used to build a portfolio of their AI ESG indices.  

New Provider – Arabesque

Arabesque have added eight long only equity indices onto C8 Studio: 


  • AI Global Climate Change
    Global, all-cap, long only strategy focusing on stocks well-positioned to benefit from the opportunities and manage the risks associated with climate change
  • AI Europe Climate Change
    As above, but for European stocks only
  • AI Governance
    Global, all-cap, long only strategy focusing on stocks with the best governance credentials
  • AI Human Rights
    Global, all-cap, long only strategy focusing on stocks with the best human rights and labour rights credentials
  • AI Waste Management
    Global, all-cap, long only strategy focusing on stocks with the best waste and resource usage credentials
  • AI Water
    Global, all-cap, long only strategy focusing on stocks with the best environment and water credentials


  • AI Global Developed Large Caps
    Global Developed large-cap stocks
  • AI US Health Tech
    US Stocks in the Health Technology sector

Arabesque Investment Process

Combination of Arabesque AI ESG Indices

on C8 Studio

Selecting the five Arabesque Global ESG indices on C8 Studio, these indices can then be combined using C8’s proprietary methodology, Tactical Asset Allocation.  For diversification we use a minimum of three of the five indices each year, the TAA combination produces returns close to the best performer without the benefit of hindsight. This analysis is done on a walk-forward basis which gives a realistic assessment of achievable returns (i.e. not just optimising past performance).  


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