Entering November, the NDR Fixed Income Allocation strategy is overweight U.S. High Yield, U.S. Floating Rate Notes, and International Investment Grade, while being underweight U.S. Investment Grade, U.S. Long-Term Treasurys, Emerging Market bonds, and U.S. Mortgage-Backed Securities.

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Full strategy commentary: NDRFIAS202211041

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C8 Weekly Bulletin:  Trend-following in Volatile Times – the C8 Way

The first quarter of 2023 has been notable for its skittish financial markets. First, there was optimism that this year would prove calmer than 2022, followed by renewed concern about inflation and the impact of bond holdings in the US banking system. This culminated in the forced takeover of Credit Suisse at the weekend.  Traditional trend-following strategies performed strongly in 2022, but these rapid shifts in sentiment have proved more difficult to navigate. The SocGen CTA index is down 6% year-to-date, and down nearly 10% in the past week.    Here is the good news!  The C8 Global Active Futures index avoided this sell-off and remains up on the year.  Why the difference?  C8's proprietary allocation process selects from a wide range of trend and counter-trend strategies, and is responsive to volatility levels, so adapts more readily to changing market environments. Read more →

Thoughts From The Divide: Finding Reasons

The latest flurry of Fed speak has been a broad recanting of the previously guaranteed, 100% for sure, cuts this year, with members saying, “I definitely don’t feel urgency to cut rates”, “I’m not in a mad dash hurry to get there[, to lower rates]”, and “at some point, … we will start to normalize policy back to a less restrictive stance [ed. Ha!], but we don’t have to do that in a hurry”. It’s nice to be vindicated. But now what? Read more →

NDR Fixed Income Allocation Strategy July 2023 Update

The NDR Fixed Income Allocation Strategy, Positioning Update Read more →
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