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NDR Dynamic Allocation Strategy May 2023 Update

Dynamic Allocation Strategy, indicators, weightings update Read more →

Whither US Treasuries?

US growth dynamics remain stronger than many expected. The Federal Reserve seem hell bent on cutting rates but are getting cold comfort from recent data releases, however they attempt to spin it. Recent “off-message” comments from Fed officials underline that risk. If we continue in this vein, expect US rates to ratchet higher and bonds to remain vulnerable. Read more →

Thoughts From The Divide: Hold On Tight

“It’s obvious that there’s going to be stress and losses”. The comment is from Janet Yellen’s comments this week and comes from the discussion of the ongoing CRE dumpster fire. Stress and losses aside, the Treasury Secretary was unruffled, following up with the comment, “I hope and believe that this will not end up being a systemic risk to the banking system.” Yellen did admit that size matters. While “The exposure of the largest banks is quite low,… there may be smaller banks that are stressed by these developments” Read more →
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