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A New Approach to Sector Investing

Many advisors that we speak to believe that it is possible to improve client outcomes through tactical management of sector exposure, but developing the right strategy for doing so can be extremely difficult. Please see attached link to a 15-minute webinar where Craig Cmiel, Managing Director of C8 Technologies US, and Chris McHeffey, Head of US product at C8, will introduce a powerful new tool that can potentially enable advisors to deliver better returns, lower risk, or both through tactical management of sector exposures. This scientific approach might be a great addition to your toolkit. Read more →

Thoughts From The Divide: Finding Reasons

The latest flurry of Fed speak has been a broad recanting of the previously guaranteed, 100% for sure, cuts this year, with members saying, “I definitely don’t feel urgency to cut rates”, “I’m not in a mad dash hurry to get there[, to lower rates]”, and “at some point, … we will start to normalize policy back to a less restrictive stance [ed. Ha!], but we don’t have to do that in a hurry”. It’s nice to be vindicated. But now what? Read more →

C8 Weekly Bulletin:  Direct Indexing and Capturing EM Trends with EVOLIDS

One of our index providers, EVOLIDS, has produced a great piece on the advantages of Direct Indexing. Over the past year there has been increasing focus on opportunities in Emerging Market equities on the back of higher commodity prices, and inflation in developed markets.  Access the EVOLIDS Global Emerging Markets Long/Short Index on C8 Studio to take advantage of this renewed volatility. Read more →
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